Агентства, программы и виды деятельности федерального правительства (в алфавитном порядке акронимов и аббревиатур) на 1983 г.

АВМС American Battle Monuments Commission

ACDAArms Control and Disarma­ment Agency

ACPAgricultural Conservation Pro­gram

ACUS Administrative Conference of the United States

ACYF Administration for Children, Youth, and Families

ADMHA AknhdJ)rug^buse^jnd

Mental Health Administration

ADB Asian Development Bank

ADD Administration on Develop­mental Disabilities

AEDS Atomic Energy Detection Sys­tem

AFDC Aid to Families with Depen­dent Children

AFIDA Agricultural Foreign Invest­ment Disclosure Act

AFIS American Forces Information Service

AFPC Armed Forces Policy Council AFR Air Force Reserve

AFRRIArmed Forced Radiobiology Research Institute

AFSC Armed Forces Staff College

AID Agency for International Devel­opment

ALJ Administrative Law Judge

AMS Agricultural Marketing Ser­vice

Amtrak National Railroad Passenger Corporation

ANA Administration for Native Americans

AOA Administration on Aging

APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

ASCS Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service

ATSDR Agency for Toxic

Substances and Disease Registry

BCP Blended Credit Program BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis BLA Bureau of Indian Affairs

BIB Board for International Broadcasting

BJS Bureau of Justice Statistics BLM Bureau of Land Management BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics

BPA Bonneville Power Administration

BSC Business Service Centers


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CAB Civil Aeronautics Board

GALS Current Awareness Literature Service

CBO Congressional Budget Office CCA Crop Condition Assessment

CCC Commodity Credit Corporation

CCEA Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs

CCR Commission on Civil Rights

CDBG Community Development Block Grant

CDC Centers for Disease Control CEA Council of Economic Advisers

CEQ Council on Environmental Quality

CFA Commission of Fine Arts

CFC Cooperative Finance Corporation

CFTC Commodity Futures Trading Commission

CHAMPVA Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Veterans Administration

CIA Central Intelligence Agency CIC Consumer Information Center

COGP Commission on Government Procurement

Comcen's Federal Communications Centers

Conrail Consolidated Rail Corporation

CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission

CRS Community Relations Service

CSA Community Services Administration

CSRS Cooperative State Research Service

DA Department of the Army

DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DAVA Defense Audiovisual Agency

DCA Defense Communications Agency

DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency

DCASR Defense Contract

Administration Services Regions

DCII Defense Central Index of Investigations

DCS Defense Communications System

DEA Drug Enforcement Administration

DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

DIPEC Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center

DIS Defense Investigative Service

DISAM Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management

DLA Defense Logistics Agency DLS Defense Legal Services agency DMA Defense Mapping Agency DMS Defense Mapping School DNA Defense Nuclear Agency DOD Department of Defense

DODCI Department of Defense Computer Institute

DODDS Department of Defense Dependents Schools

DOE Department of Energy

DOT Department of Transportation

DSAA Defense Security Assistance Agency



DSN Deep Space Network

DVOP Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program

EDA Economic Development Administration

EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EIA Energy Information Administration

EOUSA Executive Office for United States Attorneys

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

FCIA Foreign Credit Insurance Association

FCIC Federal Crop Insurance Corporation

FCS Foreign Commercial Service FCU Federal credit union

FDA Food and Drug Administration

FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FDPC Federal Data Processing Centers

FEC Federal Election Commission

FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

FFB Federal Financing Bank FGB Foster Grandparent Program

EPIC Energy Conservation Program FEMA Federal Emergency

Guide for Industry and Management Agency


FFB Federal Financing Bank ERA Economic Regulatory

Administration FGB Foster Grandparent Program

ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act

ESA Employment Standards Administration

ESF Economic Support Fund

ETA Employment and Training Administration

Eximbank Export - Import Bank of the United States

FAA Federal Aviation Administration

FAIR Fair Access to Insurance Requirements

FAR Federal Acquisition Regulations

FAS Foreign Agricultural Service

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

FCA Farm Credit Administration

FCC Federal Communications Commission

FGIS Federal Grain Inspection Service

FHA Federal Housing Administration

FHLBB Federal Home Loan Bank Board

FHWA Federal Highway Administration

FIA Federal Insurance Administration

FIC Federal Information Centers

FICC Fixed Income Consumer Counseling

FIP Forestry Incentive Program

FLETC Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

FLRA Federal Labor Relations Authority

FLITE Federal Legal Information Through Electronics

FMC Federal Maritime Commission


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FMCS Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

FmHA Farmers Home Administration

FNMA Federal National Mortgage Association

HNIS Human Nutrition Information Service

HRA Health Resources Administration

HRSA Health Resources and Services Administration

HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development

IADB Inter-American Defense Board; Inter-American Development Bank

IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency

IAF Inter-American Foundation

ICAF Industrial College of the Armed Forces

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization

ICC Interstate Commerce Commission

ICM Intergovernmental Committee for Migration

IDA International Development Association; Institute for Defense Analyses

FNS Food and Nutrition Service

FOMC Federal Open Market Committee

FPRS Federal Property Resources Service

FRA Federal Railroad Administration

FRS Federal Reserve System

FSIS Food Safety and Inspection Service

FSLIC Federal Savings

and Loan Insurance Corporation

FSS Office of Federal Supply and Services

FSTS Federal Secure Telephone Service

FTC Federal Trade Commission

FTS Federal Telecommunications System

FWS Fish and Wildlife Service GAO General Accounting Office

GNMA Government National Mortgage Association

GPO Government Printing Office

GSA General Services Administration

HCFA Health Care Financing Administration

HDS Office of Human Development Services

HHS Department of Heal«h and Human Services

IDCA United States International Development Cooperation Agency

IFC International Finance Corporation

IHS Indian Health Service

IMF International Monetary Fund

IMS Institute of Museum Services

INS Immigration and

Naturalization Service

INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization

IRS Internal Revenue Service

ITA International Trade Administration



ITU International

Telecommunication Union

IYC Individual Yield Coverage program

JAG Judge Advocate General JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JFMIP Joint Financial Management Improvement Program

JTPA Job Training Partnership Act LC Library of Congress

LMRDA Labor Management

Reporting and Disclosure Act

LMSA Labor-Management Services Administration

LSC Legal Services Corporation

LVER Local Veterans' Employment Representative

MA Maritime Administration MAC Military Airlift Command

MBDA Minority Business

Development Agency

MDB's Multilateral development banks

MEECN Minimum Essential

Emergency Communications Network

MILSATCOM Military Satellite

Communications Systems

MSB-COD Minority Small Business Capital Ownership Development program

MSC Military Sealift Command

MSHA Mine Safety and Health Administration

MSPB Merit Systems Protection Board

MSSD Model Secondary School for the Deaf

MTB Materials Transportation Bureau

MTN Multilateral trade negotiations

NARS National Archives and Records Service

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBS National Bureau of Standards

NCCB National Consumer Cooperative Bank

NCDC New Community Development Corporation

NCI National Cancer Institute

NCIC National Cartographic Information Center

NCJRS National Criminal Justice Reference Service

NCPC National Capital Planning Commission

NCSL National Center for Service Learning

NCUA National Credit Union Administration

NDU National Defense University

NFIP National Flood Insurance Program

NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NIC National Institute of Corrections

NIE National Institute of Education

NIH National Institutes of Health

NfJ National Institute of Justice

NIS Naval Investigative Service

NLM National Library of Medicine

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NLRB National Labor Relations Board

NMB National Mediation Board

NMCS National Military Command System

NOAA National Oceanic and

Atmospheric Administration

NOS National Ocean Survey

NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NSA National Security Agency NSC National Security Council NSF National Science Foundation

NSTL National Space Technology Laboratories

NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration

NTID National Technical Institute for the Deaf

NTIS National Technical Information Service

NTS Naval Telecommunications System

NTSB National Transportation Safety Board

NWC National War College OA Office of Administration

OAS Organization of American States

OCA Office of Consumer Advisor

OCCCA Office of Congressional,

Community and Consumer Affairs

OCS Office of Community Services

OCSE Office of Child Support Enforcement

OECD Organization for Economic

Cooperation and Development

OES Office of Employment Security

OFCC Office of Federal Contract Compliance

OFPP Office of Federal Procurement Policy

OFR Office of the Federal Register

OGPS Office of Grants and Programs Systems

OICD Office of International Cooperation and Development

OIRM Office of Information

Resources Management

OJARS Office of Justice Assistance, Research and Statistics

OJJDP Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

OMB Office of Management and Budget

OPD Office of Policy Development

OPIC Overseas Private Investment Corporation

OPM Office of Personnel Management

ORM Office of Regional Management

ORR Office of Refugee Relief

OSCE Office of Child Support Enforcement

OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSHRC Occupational Safety and

Health Review Commission

OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy

ОТ Office of Transportation

OTA Office of Technology Assessment

OTAA Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance




OVRR Office of Veterans'

Reemployment Rights

OWBE Office of Women's Business Enterprise

OWP Office of Water Policy

PADC Pennsylvania Avenue

Development Corporation

РАНО Pan American Health Organization

PBGC Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

PBS Public Buildings Service PCC Panama Canal Commission

PHA's Public Housing Agencies PHS Public Health Service PIK Payment-In-Kind program ' PRC Postal Rate Commission PTO Patent and Trademark Office

RCWP Rural Clean Water Program

REA Rural Electrification Administration

RETRF Rural Electrification and Telephone Revolving Fund

RFE Radio Free Europe

RL Radio Liberty RRB Railroad Retirement Board

RSA Rehabilitation Services Administration

RSPA Research and Special

Programs Administration

RSVP Retired Senior Volunteer Program

RTB SAC Rural Telephone Bank Strategic Air Command

SAO Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

SBA Small Business Administration


SBIC's Small Business Investment Companies

SCP Senior Companion Program SCS Soil Conservation Service

SCSEP Senior Community Service Employment Program

SEAN Scientific Event Alert Network

SEC Securities and Exchange Commission

SGLI Servicemen's Group Life Insurance

SIL Smithsonian Institution Libraries

SITES Smithsonian Institution

Traveling Exhibition Service

SLS Saint Lawrence Seaway Develepment Corporation

SMIDA Small Business Innovation Development Act

SPC South Pacific Commission

SRIM Standing order microfiche service

SRS Statistical Reporting Service

SSA Social Security Administration

SSI Supplemental Security Income Program

SSS Selective Service System START Strategic arms reduction talks TAG Tactical Air Command

TCE Tax Counseling for the Elderly Program

STDN Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network

TDP Trade and Development Program

TRIMIS Tri-Service Medical Information System

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TRI - TAG Joint Tactical Communications Program

TSC Transportation Systems Center TVA Tennessee Valley Authority

UCPP Urban Crime Prevention Program

UDAG Urban Development Action Grant

UIS Unemployment Insurance Service

UMTA Urban Mass Transportation Administration

UN United Nations

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNICEF United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (now United Nations Children's Fund)

UNICOR Federal Prison Industries, Inc. UPU Universal Postal Union USA United States Army

USAGE United States Army Corps of Engineers

USAF United States Air Force USCG United States Coast Guard

uses United States Commercial Service

USDA United States Department of Agriculture

USES United States Employment Service

USIA United States Information Agency

USICA United States International Communication Agency

USITC United States International Trade Commission

USMC United States Marine Corps USN United States Navy

USNCB United States National Central Bureau

USPS United States Postal Service

USRA United States Railway Association

USTTA United States Travel and Tourism Administration

VA Veterans Administration

VETS Veterans' Employment and Training Service

VGLI Veterans Group Life Insurance

VISTA Volunteers in Service to America

VITA Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program

VMLI Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance

VMSP Volunteer Management Support Program

VOA Voice of America

WLP Vietnam Veterans

Leadership Program

WAPA Western Area Power Administration

WBP Water Bank Program

WHO World Health Organization

WHS Washington

Headquarters Services

WIC Special supplemental

food program for Women, Infants, and Children

Источник: Office of the F^leral Re:

Manual, 1983/84 (Washington, D

1983), pp

jister, The United States Government C.: U.S.

Government Printing Office, 801-807.

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Военные органы федеральной исполнительной ветви власти в период Второй мировой войны

Advisory Board on Just Compensation (WSA)

Alaska War Council

American Commission for the Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic Monuments in War

Areas Anglo-American Caribbean Commission

Army Specialist Corps Board of Economic Warfare Board of War Communications

British-American Joint Patent Interchange Committee

Cargoes, Inc. (FEA)

Censorship Policy Board

Central Administrative Services (OEM)

Civil Air Patrol (OCD)

Civilian Production Administration

Coal Mines Administration (Interior)

Colonial Mica Corporation

Combined Chiefs of Staff-United States and Great Britain

Combined Food Board

Combined Production and Resources Board

Combined Raw Materials Board Combined Shipping Adjustment Board

Committee for Congested Production Areas

Committee on Fair Employment Practice Committee on Physical Fitness (FSA)

Committee on Records of War Administration

Coordinator of Government Films Coordinator of Information


Copper Recovery Corporation (RFC-Metals Reserve)

Defense Communications Board Defense Homes Corporation (NHA) Defense Housing Coordinator (NDAC) Defense Plant Corporation (RFC) Defense Resources Committee Defense Supplies Corporation (RFC)

Division of Defense Aid Reports (OEM)

Division of Defense Housing Coordination (OEM)

Division of Information (OEM)

Food Distribution Administration (Agriculture)

Food Production Administration (Agriculture)

Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service (FCC).....

Foreign Economic Administration (OEM)

Foreign Funds Control (Treasury)

Government Information Service (Budget)

Institute of Inter-American Affairs (OIAA)

Institute of Inter-American Transportation (OIAA)

Inter-American Defense Board

Inter-American Educational Foundation, Inc. (OIAA)

Inter-American Financial and Economic Advisory Committee

Inter-American Navigation Corporation (OIAA)

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Interdepartmental Committee for

Coordination of Foreign and Domestic Military Purchases

Interdepartmental Committee to Consider Cases of Subversive Activities on the Part of Federal Employees

Interdepartmental Committee for the Voluntary Pay- Roll Savings Plan for the Purchase of War Bonds

Interim International Information Service (State)

Interim Research and Intelligence Service (State)

Joint Aircraft Committee

Joint Brazil-United States Defense Commission

Joint chiefs of Staff

Joint Contract Termination Board

Joint Economic Committees-United States and Canada

Joint Mexican - United States Defense Commission

Joint War Production Committee-United States and Canada

Management Labor Policy Committee (Labor)

Material Coordinating Committee-United States and Canada

Medal for Merit Board Metals Reserve Company (RFC)

Munitions Assignment Board National Defense Advisory Commission National Defense

Mediation Board National Housing Agency (OEM)

National Inventor's Council National Munitions Control Board

National Patent Planning Commission (Commerce)

National Railway Labor Panel (National Mediation Board)

National Roster of Scientific and Specialized Personnel (Labor)

National Wage Stabilization Board (Labor)

National War Labor Board

Office for Coordination of National Defense Purchases (NDAC)

Office for Emergency Management Office of Agricultural Defense Relations

Office of Alien Property Custodian (OEM)

Office of Army- Navy Liquidation Commissioner

Office of Censorship Office of Civilian Defense (OEM)

Office of Community War Service (FSA) Office of Contract Settlement (OWMR)

Office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs (OEM)

Office of Defense Health and Welfare Service

Office of Defense Transportation (OEM)

Office of Economic Stabilization Office of Economic Warfare (OEM)

Office of Export Control

Office of Facts and Figures

Office of Fishery Coordination (Interior)

Office of Inter-American Affairs

Office of Lend - Lease Administration (OEM)

Office of Merchant Ship Control (Coast Guard)

Office of Petroleum Coordinator for National Defense

Office of Price Administration

Office of Price Administration and Civilian Supply (OEM)

Office of Production Management (OEM)

Office of Production Research and Development (WPB)

Office of Scientific Research and Development (OEM)

Office of Solid Fuels Coordinator for National Defense

Office of Stabilization Administration (OWMR)



Office of Strategic Services Office of Surplus Property (Commerce)

Office of War Information (OEM) Office of War Mobilization

Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion

Pacific War Council Petroleum Administration for War Petroleum Reserves Corporation (RFC)

Prencinradio, Inc.


President's Committee on Deferment of Federal Employees

President's Committee on War Relief Agencies

President's Soviet Protocol Committee President's War Relief Control Board Priorities Board (NDAC)

Publications Board (OWMR) Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Retraining and Reemployment Administration (Labor)

Rubber Development Corporation Rubber Reserve Company (RFC)

Salary Stabilization Unit (Treasury) Selective Service System

Shipbuilding Stabilization Committee (Labor)

Smaller War Plants Corporation

Solid Fuels Administration for War (Interior)

Southwestern - Power Administration (Interior)

Steel Recovery Corporation (RFC-Metals Reserve)

Supply Priorities and Allocations Board (OEM)

Surplus Property Administration (OWMR)

Surplus Property Board (OWMR)

Surplus War Property Administration (OWM)

United States Commercial Company (RFC)

United States Emergency Court of Appeals

United States of America Typhus Commission

Wage Adjustment Board for the Construction Industry (Labor)

War Assets Corporation (RFC)

War Ballots Commission

War Contracts Price Adjustment Board

War Damage Corporation (RFC)

War Emergency Pipe Lines, Inc. (RFC)

War Food Administration (Agriculture)

War Forwarding Corporation (WSA)

War Hemp Industries, Inc. (Agriculture)

War Insurance Corporation (RFC)

War Manpower Commission (OEM)

War Materials, Inc. (RFC)

War Production Board (OEM)

War Refugee Board

War Relocation Authority (Interior)

War Resources Board (ANMB)

War Resources Council (Interior)

War Shipping Administration (OEM)

Источник: U.S. Bureau of the Budget, The United States at War: Development and Administration of the War Program by the Federal Government (Washington, B.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1946),

pp. 521-535.

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